CSG joins BlackPool in Axie Infinity

BlackPool has entered the digital nation of Axie Infinity.

The Cryptic Scholarships Guild (CSG) has joined forces with BlackPool to strengthen their combined assets within the Axie Infinity game.

This partnership is great news for both sides. BlackPool will turbocharge the growth of CSG, who will be bringing their full Axie assets and their strong community of players to BlackPool, where their passion and knowledge of the game will deepen the BlackPool team’s combined experience.

Currently CSG has over 100 members known as “scholars”. With the additional financial power granted by BlackPool, CSG expects to quickly reach over 1,000 scholars.

Both CSG and BlackPool aim to improve the Axie Infinity gaming experience for players by investing in assets that might be prohibitively expensive for an average player to acquire. We can then rent out these assets and turn a profit.

CSG and BlackPool have started their working relationship immediately, with a purchase of 94 connected plots of land, all making one massive estate, where we will build our BlackPool CSG headquarters.

We bought this land for 105 ETH, and this is just the beginning.

We have more purchases coming very soon.