Cryptic Scholarships Guild (CSG) is now Blackpool Academy!

We are thrilled to announce that CSG, the vibrant community of blockchain gamers across the globe, shall henceforth be known as the BlackPool Academy.

The BlackPool Academy will pursue CSG’s mission, scaling up its activities and bringing DeFi gaming to the masses. Its scholars and Managers will explore the Metaverse together, learning and looting, seeking and bringing treasures. We are building one of the most ambitious hubs of activity for emerging play-to-earn blockchain games!

Our mission is to grant access to otherwise unaffordable yield-bearing NFT assets to hundreds of people around the world, in particular in regions where the economic situation is dire. We strongly believe that decentralisation and blockchain gaming can change the dynamics of wealth distribution. This new paradigm has colossal positive social implications and BlackPool Academy, as part of a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), will contribute to its fullest. The synergy between BlackPool and its scholars is the key to the democratisation of wealth.

Concretely, BlackPool Academy owns a vast collection of incredibly valuable yield-bearing NFTs (bought, won or donated) and a team of skilled managers, all at the very top of their leagues. These neo-professors herd an already large army of scholars, over 130 apes strong and growing. Our scholars currently retain 70% of the gaming incomes while the remaining 30% are channelled back into BlackPool in order to scale the operations.

The courses available at our academy are currently: Axie Infinity, Neon District and Cometh, but more are coming… 👀

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