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2 min readMay 12, 2021


Registration is now open on SorareData to compete in the first BlackPool Cup and there are 3 ways to win great prizes!

  1. Make it to the Quarter-finals or better
  2. Exceptional weekly performance
  3. Beat one of our Sorare managers

Thanks to our good friend HG the BlackPool Cup will be run exclusively on SorareData! This is a free-to-play competition open to all Sorare users with Sorare blockchain cards (Rare, Super Rare or Uniques).

Rules — How to Play?

The Cup rules are simple, they are the same as the SO5 tournaments you may already play on Sorare and also in Private Leagues or Cup competitions on SorareData.

To recap: Pick 5 players
- 1 Goalkeeper
- 1 Defender
- 1 Midfielder
- 1 Forward
- 1 Extra outfield player of your choice

Your players will score points based on their on-pitch performances in that game week. Select a captain (who will get you a 50% bonus on his score) and the team with the most points knocks out their opponent and progresses to the next round!

Keep winning your matches and if you are the last team standing, you win the Cup!

Prizes — What can I win?

12th May — With the BlackPool token launch imminent (spoiler alert!) we have not finalised the Prize Pool 100%, but we can say (and we’ll update this shortly after the token launch):

  1. Every manager successfully navigating their team to the Quarter-final stages or beyond will win part of the $BPT prize pool.
  2. Each week at least one manager will be selected and rewarded for outstanding performance in their cup match.
  3. Last but not least! We will award $BPT to any manager that beats one of our Sorare vertical managers (AJ, Max or YNWA)

Register Now — 1st Round starts on Friday, May 14th

To enter, simply head over to https://www.soraredata.com/ and click the ‘PLAY’ tab followed by ‘CUPS’ where you’ll see the BlackPool trophy in all its glory!

IMPORTANT — The deadline for entry is 19:00 CET on Friday 14th May. Shortly after the deadline you will be automatically drawn against your first opponent!

Good luck and enjoy!



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