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4 min readMay 28, 2021


BlackPool is delighted to welcome Sorare Managers to the Animal Kingdom. As part of our launch we felt it was essential to reward players from the game which comprises the largest part of our current portfolio.

Below are instructions to claim an airdrop if you held 5+ cards as of April 1, 2021 (not counting commons).

Go to BlackPool


Click “connect” in upper right corner

Choose your wallet, we support MetaMask, Ledger, and Trezor.

Most importantly, please flip the switch to “Polygon”, from Ethereum.

You will need MATIC tokens to claim the airdrop. If you have 0 MATIC in your wallet, you can get some for free here:

This will automatically connect your wallet to the Polygon network, this is expected behavior from your wallet to ask if you want that to happen.

You should see a page similar to this.

Copy the message on this page that says ‘Sorare Input Hash’: “0x….”

Open Sorare Wallet

Go to your Sorare account.

Click your wallet in the upper right corner.

Click the settings icon inside the wallet.

Click “Sign message”.

You should see a screen like this:

Now paste the message you copied from the BlackPool page, and click “Sign”:

Then you should get a return message, copy this:

Back to BlackPool website

Now paste the bottom message back into the BlackPool page, and click “Claim BPT”:

It may take up to 1 minute to find your airdrop, especially during the first few days under heavy website traffic.

Add the token to your MetaMask wallet

  • Click “Add Token”
  • The token address: 0x6863BD30C9e313B264657B107352bA246F8Af8e0
  • Then click “Next” and the token balance should appear!

Moving tokens from Polygon/Matic to Ether

Right now there is no staking available on Polygon/Matic. If you would like to stake your tokens it is currently on Ethereum network. We are considering building a staking functionality for Polygon.

To move your funds from Polygon/Matic to Ethereum, you can use the bridge here:

And follow these steps:

  • Search for “BPT” or “BlackPool” as the ‘from’
  • Select the amount of tokens you’d like to transfer.
  • Confirm a few pop-up boxes, and the transfer will begin. It can take about 1–3 hours for the tokens to transfer over to Ethereum.
  • Then your tokens should arrive on Ethereum, where you can stake them for xBPT. We will be setting up our governance framework very soon and deciding how and when to let the community share in the DAO’s yield.

Please reach out to our team on Telegram or Discord if you need support.







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