BlackPool is pleased to announce a new member — Adotjdot.

Adotjdot will continue to manage his team on Sorare, but will now have added financial backing from the BlackPool fund.

Adotjdot joined Sorare just six months ago — in that short time he has proven to be one of the best managers in Sorare, and is now the owner of the 2nd most valuable collection in the game.

His technical abilities and passion for the game have allowed Adotjdot to grow his player card portfolio; Tesla FC, over 8,000% from his initial 6 cards to a current selection of 499, of which 71 are unique, meaning he holds more Unique cards than any other manager.

A few words from Adotjdot:

“Ever since I was a little kid, I was into bleeding edge technology and market making. Other kids would be outside playing, I was inside trading stocks. I spent my career in finance and analytics, I’ve always been a numbers and data driven person.

Naturally, I heard about crypto in the 2017 bull market, but didn’t really dive in until COVID quarantine this year. Being stuck at home gave me the time to learn more about the ethos of crypto, not just the ability to trade and profit, and I completely fell in love. My wife saw how much I enjoyed this space, or maybe it was that I wouldn’t shut up about it since she was the only person I could talk to about it…being stuck in quarantine and all…she told me to quit my corporate job with Amazon and pursue the space full time.

So finally being freed from corporate America…and tasked with finding happiness rather than money…Sorare fell into my lap. Being based in the U.S, I first heard about Sorare when they signed the MLS. The idea Sorare was building, immediately clicked for me…a “this is the future” alarm was ringing in my head. I started slowly, and only buying MLS cards. Then I started winning, and the returns were pretty good. So I invested a little more, and saw the returns continue in line with my increased investment. Next thing I knew, I had invested a large sum of money into the game, and at one point was the most valuable team (MetaKovan/Metapurse, soon joined the game and invested ~1,100 ETH very quickly). Now I’m ranked the #2 team in the game by ETH valuation.

Things all changed when Max bought the Mbappe Unique card for 116 ETH! We started talking, and the idea of making NFT’s more accessible through a tokenized DAO was intriguing. Meeting with Julien really sold me, he is such a genius and visionary, I couldn’t say no to taking the next step in my crypto and Sorare journey by joining the most exciting team in the space. I’m looking forward to making history with Blackpool!”



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