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Des cartes de sport aux produits de gaming, et ce en passant par l’art numérique, l’économie liée aux NFTs est en train de s’établir rapidement comme un secteur florissant du marché mondial : un certain nombre de ces rares actifs numériques sont échangés contre des centaines de milliers — voire…

From sports cards, to game items, to digital art, the NFT economy is quickly establishing itself as a thriving sector of the global marketplace, with a number of these scarce digital assets being traded for hundreds of thousands — some millions — of dollars.

Just like in the traditional collectibles…

BlackPool is delighted to welcome Sorare Managers to the Animal Kingdom. As part of our launch we felt it was essential to reward players from the game which comprises the largest part of our current portfolio.

Below are instructions to claim an airdrop if you held 5+ cards as of…

The Cryptic Scholarships Guild (CSG) has joined forces with BlackPool to strengthen their combined assets within the Axie Infinity game.

This partnership is great news for both sides. BlackPool will turbocharge the growth of CSG, who will be bringing their full Axie assets and their strong community of players to…

BlackPool is pleased to announce a new member — Adotjdot.

Adotjdot will continue to manage his team on Sorare, but will now have added financial backing from the BlackPool fund.

Adotjdot joined Sorare just six months ago — in that short time he has proven to be one of the…

Blackpool Finance

DAO. Trading — Arbitrage- Loan on NFT.

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