On May 1st, 2019, an inexperienced yet highly ambitious gamer named YNWA published a post on Medium titled “Is it really possible to become a Sports Crypto-Gamer?”

Less than two years later, his results conclusively show him to be considered as a leading crypto-gamer and we are ecstatic that he has now joined BlackPool with his enviable Sorare collection.

YNWA is one of the most well-known and successful players of Sorare — the global fantasy football game. …

BlackPool has entered the digital nation of Axie Infinity.

The Cryptic Scholarships Guild (CSG) has joined forces with BlackPool to strengthen their combined assets within the Axie Infinity game.

This partnership is great news for both sides. BlackPool will turbocharge the growth of CSG, who will be bringing their full Axie assets and their strong community of players to BlackPool, where their passion and knowledge of the game will deepen the BlackPool team’s combined experience.

Currently CSG has over 100 members known as “scholars”. With the additional financial power granted by BlackPool, CSG expects to quickly reach over 1,000 scholars.

Both CSG and BlackPool aim to improve the Axie…

BlackPool is pleased to announce a new member — Adotjdot.

Adotjdot will continue to manage his team on Sorare, but will now have added financial backing from the BlackPool fund.

Adotjdot joined Sorare just six months ago — in that short time he has proven to be one of the best managers in Sorare, and is now the owner of the 2nd most valuable collection in the game.

His technical abilities and passion for the game have allowed Adotjdot to grow his player card portfolio; Tesla FC, over 8,000% from his initial 6 cards to a current selection of 499…

Today we are excited to unveil BlackPool: a new fund operating within the non-fungible tokens (NFT) space: from sports cards to game items to digital art. We share a conviction in the long term value of scarce digital assets, but understand that a high level of specialisation in each NFT platform is required to maximise value creation.

BlackPool exists to finance active specialist pools of capital managed by engaged individuals on a selection of growing NFT platforms including, but not limited to:

  • A Sorare team competing in the SO5 fantasy league
  • A set of Axies playing to earn SLPs in…

Blackpool Finance

DAO. Trading — Arbitrage- Loan on NFT.

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